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Discover the unparalleled luxury and rejuvenation that awaits you with Marquise Spas’ premium outdoor saunas. Crafted for those who seek not just relaxation but a transformative experience, our outdoor saunas are a testament to elegance, durability, and cutting-edge design. At Marquise Spas, we believe that an outdoor sauna is not just an addition to your home, but a gateway to a lifestyle of wellness and luxury.

With Marquise Spas, you’re not just purchasing an outdoor sauna; you’re investing in a lifetime of serene moments, health benefits, and the joy of outdoor living. Choose excellence, choose Marquise Spas, where every detail counts and every sauna promises an extraordinary experience.

Our Range of Hekla Outdoor Saunas

Hekla Barrel Sauna

  • 1/2 Panoramic window
  • 40mm Thermo Nordic spruce frame
  • 2 sizes - 2 people or 4 people
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Energy efficient
  • Structurally sound
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Beautiful feature

Helka Cube Sauna

  • Distinctive Design
  • 3 Sizes -2, 4 or 6 people
  • 1/2 panoramic window – double glazed
  • 40mm thermo spruce frame
  • Full glass front panel – double glazed
  • Stunning Looks
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Structurally sound
  • Bespoke Service

    We offer a personalized sauna experience with top-quality saunas from Hekla. Our knowledgeable team helps guide you to choose the perfect sauna for your needs. We prioritize attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

  • 5 year guarantee

    Our Hekla saunas come with a 5-year guarantee, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our materials and sauna units to ensure long-lasting reliability and enjoyment for years to come. Trust in Hekla for a luxurious sauna experience backed by our dedication to your peace of mind.

  • Servicing

    At Marquise Spas, our Hekla-trained service engineers provide unparalleled technical expertise to ensure your sauna operates optimally year after year. Trust us for routine maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting to keep your relaxation oasis rejuvenating for years to come.

  • Maintenance

    Maintaining and caring for your Hekla sauna is a breeze. Its high-quality construction and durable materials ensure that your sauna will last for years with minimal upkeep. Simply wipe down the surfaces after each use and clean the heaters and ventilation system periodically. Operating your Hekla sauna is easy thanks to user-friendly controls. Enjoy your sauna without any unnecessary hassle.

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