Barrel Sauna in Oldham

You Can Choose the Very Best Barrel Sauna in Oldham

Barrel Sauna in OldhamIf you are wondering what exactly a barrel sauna in Oldham is, our expert team can provide the answer. We offer a range of swim spas, home saunas, ice baths and more. As such, our barrel sauna is one of our popular saunas. A barrel sauna is a top sauna that has a shape like a barrel. Its edges are round instead of square. The reason for the barrel sauna’s shape is to enhance its heat distribution. This makes it a highly energy-efficient sauna. As it does not take a long time to heat, it is a great option for any household. The design of a barrel sauna gets its inspiration from natural materials and Baltic sauna traditions. A sustainable sauna, it is ideal to enhance wellness, relaxation, and quality time with family.

You can use a sauna for better health and relaxation. Yet, in Oldham, a barrel sauna is not only for health benefits. It is also a way in which to enjoy quality time with family. Our barrel sauna is available in 2 sizes. The Barrel 210 is perfect for up to 4 people. Whereas the Barrel 250 can seat up to 6 people at a time. While they are compact in size, they provide an excellent sauna experience. Each has a Spruce frame, and each has 2 terrace benches. Furthermore, you can choose from 2 different heating options. On offer are wood burning stoves, and Narvi electric heaters, all of which are high quality with an efficient design. Our barrel saunas are structurally sound, and provide many years of use. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance.

A barrel sauna in Oldham is the perfect addition to any home. Structurally sound and hard wearing, they are ideal for placing outside. These saunas have a natural water-shedding ability. In addition, their robust structure can endure a large snow load. Therefore, if you would like more details about the benefits of a barrel sauna, contact Marquise Spas right away. Our expert team is available to provide the information you need. Furthermore, we can install your new barrel sauna. As the leading experts in the field, we are the company to call for your new barrel sauna.