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Facts about cold

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Why cold water

It speeds up muscle recovery.
-The body recovers faster from exercise when exposed to cold. Cold therapy also reduces delayed onset muscle soreness after wo rko ut.

It alleviates pain.
-Cold contracts the blood vessels and numbs the nerves, relieving pain.

It eases inflammations.
– The increase in the local blood circulation caused by cold eases muscle and joint inflammation.

It increases your resistance.
– Cold activates your immune system and strengthens your heart and increases blood circulation.

It makes you feel good.
– The pituitary gland releases beta endorphin, which makes you feel good.

Falling asleep is easier and the quality of sleep better
– Being exposed to the cold releases serotonin, which alleviates insomnia.

You will enjoy increased energy levels.
– Being exposed to cold makes you more alert and energetic. The shock of cold activates your muscles, wakes up and stimulates your body.

– Activates brown fat (type 2 diabetes, weight control)
– Treatment of rheumatism

Avantopool Kinos cold recovery made easy

Clean and cold water, always in desired temperature – ready for use 24/7
– Continual water filtering and ozone cleaning ensure water cleanness
– Note: wide temperature range, between +4 C –+38 C, so it is suitable also for heat treatment

Transportable and user friendly
– Very compact size
– Easy to place almost anywhere
– Very simple to use and maintain

Energy efficient and environment friendly
– Efficiently insulated, low energy consumption
– Water replacement every 3 8 weeks

Professional cold recovery / cold water therapy
– Safe to enter and exit
– Controlled and safe cold immersion process

Avantopool Kinos - technical data

Avantopool Kinos dimensions

Avantopool Kinos - basic color options

Option 1:
– Side panel & heat cover BLACK
– Steps BLACK

Option 2:
– Side panel & heat cover WHITE
– Steps WHITE

Option 3:
– Side panel & heat cover DARK GREY
– Steps GREY

Avantopool Kinos - easy to customize

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Basic side panel & heat cover colors
– Black, white and dark grey

Basic step colors
– Black, white and grey

UV printing
– Side panels can be printed to any color
– Team logos, photos, pattern etc.

Taping (3M film wrap)
– The corners (aluminum) and the heat cover can be
taped to most colors
– Water proof , high quality 3M film wrap

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