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Almost Heaven saunas come in various sizes

These saunas are crafted from the finest materials to create the most authentic sauna experience. Each sauna is made from only high grade thick sections of Weston Canadian red cedar. Once fitted together in a traditional cooperage fashion, the cedar expands to form a tight seal and constantly circulates the air for a sauna environment that heats quickly and constantly.

Health Benefits

• The release of fat-soluble toxins and toxic body chemicals trough perspiration.
• Elevated heart rate leading to increased bloodflow & accelerated calorie burn.
• Enhancement of the immune system due to an increase in body temperature.
• Stress reduction due to increased and improved bloodflow.
• Endorphin release due to increased heart rate.
• Improved circulation due to expanded caplliaries.
• Weight loss due to toxin release from fat cells and increased caloric burn.
• Cardiovascular conditioning and the lowering of blood pressure.
• Reduction in cellulite due to significant sweating.
• Reduction in arthritic and muscle pain.
• Enhanced skin tone due to the opening of skin pores.