Chill Ice Baths in Blackburn

Chill Ice Baths in Blackburn Provide Several Health Benefits

Chill Ice Baths in Blackburn Chill ice baths in Blackburn provide excellent therapy benefits to many. They are ideal for athletes and individuals who would like to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after physical activity. Cold water therapy has been popular for decades for its many benefits. These include the reduction of muscle aches and pains, better recovery time, minimising muscle inflammation, and improving circulation. What happens is that when you enter cold water, your blood vessels constrict to protect your vital organs. At the same time, your central nervous system produces norepinephrine. Norepinephrine helps with blood vessel constriction.

Cold water therapy dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece. However, in Blackburn, chill ice baths continue to provide the same, excellent benefits as in the past. Yet, a chill ice bath is more convenient and useful than plunging into a freezing cold river or lake. The chill ice baths we have on offer are top quality products. In fact, they can include stainless steel, aluminium or teak.  Furthermore, they are lightweight and take up very little space. An empty ice bath weighs roughly 125 kgs. Furthermore, its size is 180 x 73 x 75cm. Simply add your garden hose to fill it up within 45 minutes.

Chill ice baths in Blackburn offer several health benefits. These are ideal for the serious athlete. However, they are also useful for the individual who enjoys occasional strenuous exercise. For more details about our chill ice baths, contact Marquise Spas right away. We can provide the information you need along with answers to any of your questions. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive. In addition, all our chill ice baths are available with a 2 year warranty. Boost your immune system with an excellent quality chill ice bath from our team.