Home Ice Baths in Warrington

Home Ice Baths in Alderley Edge, Perfect for Health and Leisure

Home Ice Baths in Alderley Edge

There are many benefits to home ice baths in Alderley Edge from our company.

Not only do they offer therapeutic benefits, but our ice baths are an excellent quality. An ice bath has a positive effect on your health. Moreover, it can reduce muscle pain and improve muscle recovery rate. Exposure to cold water makes your body more alert and full of energy. We’re happy to offer a top quality ice bath range. The ice bath range we have on offer is the Avantopool Kinos. Small but powerful, it is also has a very efficient insulation with low energy consumption. This makes them ideal for use in your home. You can enjoy health benefits, and in the privacy of your own home.

The temperature is adjustable too. Thus, in Alderley Edge, home ice baths have a temperature range of between 4 C and 38 C. Our suppliers have vast experience of over twenty years in the industry. As such, we trust them to produce quality spas that suit our customer’s needs. The ice baths we have on offer are also available in various colours. As such, these include black, white, dark grey and blue. The ice bath has a digital control. Hence, this makes it easier, with a touch screen and a temperature sensitive cold therapy timer. Furthermore, we only offer excellent quality products. This means that you can be sure that the performance of your new ice bath is superb.

Our home ice baths in Alderley Edge can guarantee your health and leisure. If you are considering a home ice bath installation, contact Marquise Spas today. As a professional supplier, we also offer a range of swim spas, hot tubs, home saunas, steam rooms and more. Our expert team has the knowledge and the experience to assist you with your purchase. In addition, we are on hand to provide the right suggestions and advice. As a long standing company with an excellent reputation, we’re proud to offer our professional services to all our clients. You can enjoy health benefits with our excellent quality home  ice baths.