Home Ice Baths in Hale Barns

Home Ice Baths in Hale Barns – for Great Health Benefits

Home Ice Baths in Hale Barns Home ice baths in Hale Barns offer a range of excellent health benefits. Simply put, an ice bath is a spa or pool that contains ice cold water. We offer the Avantopool Kinos ice bath brand to our customers. This particular model is an excellent quality and offers a host of benefits too. A very compact size, it is easy to transport and easy to place anywhere. Moreover, it offers a range of temperatures so it can also provide heat treatment. This model is a high energy efficient and environmentally friendly, important in today’s world. Our experts are on hand to answer any of your questions about our ice baths.

You can benefit from excellent health benefits. In Hale Barns, ice baths are great for speedy muscle recovery. Your body will recover from strenuous exercise better in cold water than in hot. In addition, an ice bath alleviates pain. The cold contracts the blood vessels and numbs the nerves. Furthermore, an ice bath is great for making you feel good. This in turn promotes a better night’s sleep, and better energy levels. Our ice baths are an excellent option for any home. As they are lightweight and compact, you can place them anywhere you want to. Additionally, they provide continual water filtering and this ensures the cleanliness of the water.

Home ice baths in Hale Barns are available when you give us a ring. Our experts are available to assist you with choosing the right ice bath for your home. In addition, we’re happy to provide a quote for your new ice bath. When you’re looking for the perfect ice bath for your home, contact Marquis Spas. Our ice baths are available in different colour options. They’re also easy to customise with different colour panels, taping and UV printing. As a top, family-run business, we take great pride in our excellent quality products, top prices and great customer service. In addition, we offer a range of other products including home saunas, swim spas and steam rooms.