Home Steam Rooms in Bolton

Enjoy Home Steam Rooms in Bolton for Relaxation and Comfort

Home Steam Rooms in Bolton Relax in the safety, privacy and comfort of our top quality home steam rooms in Bolton from Marquise Spas. We provide a comprehensive range of hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, grills and covanas. Our products carry the brand labels of leading national and international manufacturers. This means that they’re not only of excellent quality, but are also reliable, safe and highly energy efficient. We also provide trustworthy and superlative repair services on a wide range of hot tubs and saunas. Ours is a family run, local business that has set the highest standards in this region for maintenance, supply, installation and repairs.

When you make the decision to have a steam room, it’s a great investment in your health and wellness. It also adds value to your property. In Bolton, home steam rooms are suitable almost anywhere, with the help of our talented team of designers. You may want to replace an existing shower area or tub space. One of the things that people would like to plan is whether the steam room will be a solo space, or shared by the family, or one where they can enjoy some couple time. This will help us to ensure the proper placement and insulation. If you want lighting or music in the area, let us know ahead of time as we can get the appropriate wiring done. We also have to ensure the right ventilation through vents or a louvre style window.

The placement of the steam generator is also important so that it stays out of sight. As it is generally quite compact, this shouldn’t be a problem for home steam rooms in Bolton. Another important point to keep in mind is comfortable seating. This will help you to relax better and bust that stress. Folding seats are an option, or you could install a regular sauna-style bench. Our team of designers can help in choosing ceramic tile, marble, acrylic, granite, or other suitable material for the room, with skid-proof finish on the floor. Contact Marquise Spas for more information on our home steam rooms. We can also help you to choose the right steam and shower heads.