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Home Sauna Company in RamsbottomWe’re the home sauna company in Ramsbottom to install your home sauna. We recommend Almost Heaven saunas because of the quality and effectiveness of the product. They make them using the Cooperage fashion. This is a method of heating wood to make it pliable. Cooperage often refers to the barrel shape of the sauna, which is achieved with pliable wood. The design allows the cedar to expand, resulting in the tight seal needed to reach a high temperature quickly and maintain it. The barrel shape allows the air to circulate. Yet the exterior of the sauna will remain cool so these models can be used inside or outside. This makes them energy efficient and therefore cheaper to operate.

There are benefits to spending time in a sauna and one of them is simply that it feels good. In Ramsbottom, a home sauna company hears that reason from many customers. They want their own sauna at their own home because it feels good. They also don’t want to leave their home and share with others to get that benefit. Relaxing in a sauna does release those feel-good endorphins. There are other important benefits. Most of us spend our days making every effort to not sweat. Therefore, time spent in a sauna will act as a cleansing and detoxifying sweat that you don’t ordinarily get. In addition, there’s an improvement in blood circulation. Moreover, combine that with heat to relax muscles and relieve joint pain.

We’re the home sauna company in Ramsbottom you can trust. If you are considering installing a home sauna, you probably have a few questions. Contact Marquise Spas: we’ll answer all your questions. As such, we’ll help select the best location for your new sauna and give you a firm price for our products and services. There is no charge for the consultation and price quote and no obligation either. However, if you choose to proceed with the purchase, you won’t find a more knowledgeable company for the job. We’re a small and personal family-run business. We work closely with each customer to ensure their complete satisfaction. You’ll love your new home sauna.

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