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Hot Tub Service in Prestwich, Keep Your Tub in Excellent Condition

Hot Tub Service in PrestwichMarquise Spas are your experts for hot tub service in Prestwich. Our services also include sales and installation of new hot tubs and add on features like waterfalls and lighting. Hot tubs will serve you well for years but they do require maintenance and that sometimes includes replacement parts and repairs. Frequent owner maintenance is essential and it takes very little time. You simply test your water and adjust chemical levels a few times a week and change the water every 3 months. If you don’t use chemicals, then change the water daily. As time goes by, other issues may arise that need professional attention. Pumps wear out as do jets, heaters and blowers.

At Marquise Spas, we service all different models and types of hot tubs. For those in Prestwich, hot tub service to keep your spa in top operating condition, will enhance your enjoyment. We can carry out all maintenance and repairs with knowledge and expertise, relieving you of the worry. We can do regular maintenance checks for water balance and filter replacement if you choose not to use your time attending to them. One other thing that absolutely needs attention is protection for your hot tub during the cold months. If it is outside, shelter and cover it when not in use. You want to watch for leaks and make sure to repair them. The framework may need refurbishing after a couple of years outside unprotected.

Hot tub service in Prestwich is really minor compared to the pleasure and health benefits derived from its use. A hot tub is an investment, and a good one, so the minor weekly maintenance and occasional repairs and replacements are worth the effort. For expert care, contact Marquise Spas for help with your hot tub service. Our service is friendly and affordable. We’re a family owned company established for over 7 years. If you are in the market for new spas, saunas, steam rooms, swim spas and more, visit our showroom and we’ll answer all your questions. We’re here if you have questions about basic maintenance procedures or need help solving a problem.

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