Hot Tub Service in Tottington

Hot Tub Service in Tottington, Essential to Extend the Life of Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub Service in TottingtonA hot tub service in Tottington is essential to extend the functional life of your hot tub. A good quality hot tub will last up to 20 years with proper service to repair or replace worn parts. The major components that may eventually wear out are the pump, heater and the cover. Without regular maintenance these components will wear out prematurely, causing your hot tub to break down. A properly maintained hot tub will also operate more efficiently which saves you money on energy costs. We sell new hot tubs and accessories. We also carry out the installation so you can count on trouble free and uninterrupted pleasure from your hot tub. That makes us the natural choice to make repairs as needed on your hot tub regardless of where you bought it.

When you buy your hot tub from us and we install it, we are going to leave you with maintenance instructions. In Tottington, hot tub service and maintenance carried out on schedule will minimise the need for repairs and extend the life of your hot tub. You might want to carry out the water testing several times a week yourself. It’s a quick and simple task. We can carry out the other services for you on a schedule. We recommend cleaning the filter once a month and replacing it every year. Every three months we would want to drain the water, clean the spa and then refill it. During these service visits, we will check the pump and heater, seal any leaks and fix any tears in the cover.

As you can see, hot tub service in Tottington is minimal. However, it makes all the difference in how well and how long your hot tub functions. We can keep your hot tub going with timely service and repairs and even replacement parts. When the time comes that it’s no longer cost effective to repair your hot tub, we can introduce you to the new energy efficient models. We stock leading brands with new technology and energy saving components that will save you money. We’ve found money saving technology enhances our enjoyment of our hot tub. Contact Marquise Spas and schedule your hot tub service with us. You can avoid interruptions in the world’s best therapy with our service.