Swim Spas in Cheshire

Swim Spas in Manchester, an Ideal Solution for Your Exercise Routine

Swim Spas in ManchesterIf you love swimming but don’t have the space to build a pool, you should consider swim spas in Manchester. Swim spas are a middle ground between a regular swimming pool and a hot tub. They are available in varying sizes, styles and shapes. To simulate the swimming pool effect, swim spas use jets to generate currents. Swimming against a flowing current in a swim spa creates a similar experience to swimming in a regular pool with still water. If you would like a rigorous workout, you can increase the speed of the water jets. Yet, for a nice therapeutic swim, you can reduce the force of the jets.

We have several types of swim spas to suit various preferences and budgets. In Manchester, our swim spas can also serve as hot tubs. This gives you the option of relaxing in the warm bubbling water on a cool evening. You can also host pool parties in your backyard with a few friends. We have swim spas that can accommodate up to eight seated adults. Our team sources our swim spas from the highest quality suppliers in the USA and distribute them to our valued clients all over the UK. We do not doubt the quality of our spas because our manufacturers have been building them for more than 20 years.

We are a husband and wife business that has been supplying swim spas in Manchester for close to ten years. Our previous experience includes 30 years in the trade industry and 25 in the leisure industry. As such, you can trust our judgement when it comes to identifying high-quality suppliers. We understand our customers better than anyone else in the market and supply products that are best suited for the North West. Contact Marquise Spas today for more information about our delightful swim spas. We’re always happy to talk to existing and potential customers. We also supply high-quality hot tubs, saunas and gazebos to beautify your yard.